About Me

I'm Karen Ross-Ritzo

I came up with the idea for BrushMints® in 2005.  I had spent a good deal of money on some dental work and wanted a quick and discreet way to keep my smile looking clean after food or drinks in social situations; and I didn’t want to have to use a toothpick or other unsightly 'on-the-go' product in public.  

How many times have you walked out of a restaurant wondering if you had food in your teeth? I knew a product such as BrushMints® would be a simple solution to an extremely common problem.  

I patented the all of the various possible product designs and registered the trademark for BrushMints®. I would now like to sell or license the intellectual property to a company that can develop and introduce the product to the market in the best possible way.  

Thanks for taking the time to consider my idea!  

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Cell: (805) 444-19311

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